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The Frontier of Digital Wellness Products | Siempo

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

GUEST: Andrew Dunn, Co-Founder & CEO of Siempo, a mindful home app for Android.

THEME: The frontier of digital wellness products

BIG IDEA: There is fertile ground for creativity in wellness apps. The fact that most digital products don’t design for wellness by default means that the ones that do can have a big, immediate impact. Siempo was created after 9 months of development. The features aren’t extremely complicated, but massively useful. The affordances offered by Android give product teams a lot of freedom to make the home screen more intentional. FAVORITE QUOTE: "By some traditional Silicon Valley metrics, we didn’t ‘make it,’ but we’ve had a really big impact on a lot of people’s lives, the cultural conversation, the emerging industry. And the story’s not over. It’s yet to be revealed the impact of a single mother getting her life back together [by using a humane launcher]." FUN FACT: Since this episode's recording, Siempo has rebranded as Focus Launcher. A community of volunteers has formed to keep improving the core product! 😊 There are opportunities to get involved in marketing, design, and development. If interested, reply to this email and join our convos on Discord.


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