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Own Your Digital Footprint | Cloakist

Cloakist puts your pages from platforms like Notion & AirTable at your domain with your branding. Guest Louis Barclay is the Founder.

THEME: Own Your Digital Footprint


Controlling your digital footprint affords credibility, brand consistency, and more control over your audience. Instead of sending people to your public page on, send them to and customize that page however you want. As our share of public digital assets (docs, spreadsheets, databases, social posts) grows, so does the usefulness of making them cohesive. By taking back some ownership of our digital assets from the platforms that they exist on, we can elevate them for ourselves and our audiences.


"You gotta stop and find the people who are gonna use it first and find some really compelling evidence that they’re gonna use it. And even then I wouldn’t build, I’d do a bunch of marketing to get a waitlist built up. Even then I wouldn’t build. I’d just make sure the concept works and do it for a few people. Once you’re spending too much time on tasks that could be automated, I’d say you could build.”


The infamous Atlassian issue that started Cloakist

Louis' other products mentioned: Nudge, Stacker

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