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Re-thinking The Mobile Interface | Niagara Launcher

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

GUEST: Peter Huber, creator and main developer of Niagara Launcher, a modern Android home screen optimized for one-✋ access and staying focused.

THEME: Re-thinking the mobile interface

BIG IDEA: Simplicity as a constraint and guiding principle. The commitment to keeping things simple helps all areas of Niagara's efforts:

  • Roadmap: Eliminating the feature requests that would make the product unnecessarily complicated.

  • Engineering: Instead of adding code that would necessitate lots of testing (like having toggle buttons), re-thinking how the functionality could be achieved with a more straightforward feature.

  • Marketing: Using a simple design system to create marketing materials that are on-brand and impressive, yet very straightforward to create (Downloading a free picture and applying a color gradient)

FAVORITE QUOTE: "A launcher has to handle lots of things, but most users will never interact with them. 80% of users only see 20% of features."

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