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Product Adapters | News Feed Eradicator

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

GUEST: Jordan West, the Software Engineer behind the News Feed Eradicator (NFE) browser plugin. NFE blocks the news feed on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News, and more.

More from Jordan: website, Twitter, beantime (time tracking app)

THEME: Product Adapters

BIG IDEA: Adapter technologies sit between the platform and the user. They’re a way for a user to take back control of their experience on the platform. NFE allows users to experience Groups, Messenger, and other good parts of Facebook without getting sucked into endlessly scrolling the News Feed. While the creator of an adapter has the burden of keeping up with platform changes, their product can have huge utility and stability when modifying a platform that is inherently not user-centric. Ad blockers are another good example.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "My goal [for NFE] is for it to become obsolete. Ideally, it wouldn't be necessary. If Facebook or other social medias gave you that kind of control, then you wouldn't need it. So the end goal is for it to have 0 users."


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