Switchback Diary

Updated: Jul 31

These are summaries about how things are going that date back to when I first started Switchback.

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- Ty



Finished refactor, fixing auth and sync issues. Learning to become more accepting, less stressed when things don't go as I initially planned.


Refactor was maddening. I'm close to paying off all the technical debt. Can't wait to move on and work on features again.


Finished Someday List, but that exposed a some show-stopping bugs. Have been putting off refactoring part of the code that has a lot of logic, but decided I need to clean it up for things to work now. Getting antsy. Sigh.

April Got 3 people to try out the app. They like the feel, but it's not enough to get them to get out that credit card. Almost finished with the Someday List feature. Gotta figure out a better hook/feature set. March Lots of skiing time with friends & family made this a slower month, but still fixed lots of issues. Turns out all-day events are event trickier than I first thought. Only one more task before I start testing it out with a few new users. February Tackled the most complex issues for the first version (I hope!): all-day events. Trust me, harder than it sounds. January Update frontend enough to get Compass working (in the most generous sense of word). It syncs between GCal and can update events. Secretly deployed to the internet and using it day-to-day while making updates. Gettin' close!