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Switchback Diary

Updated: Nov 29

I started Switchback so I could have both purpose and financial security. These are monthly summaries about how that's going.

- Tyler



Focused on keeping contract. So broke; feel like a cornered animal.


No buyers. Open-sourced it. Started contract with Costco as frontend dev.


Decided to try to sell Compass. Need $. Tired.


Decided B2C ain't the move. Looked into B2B pivots. Found 3 total, 1 I really like.


Committed to pushing updates on 15th & 31st each month. This month was fixes and recurring events (part I).


6 rounds of interviews for a SF startup. Got through all of them, but they decided to go a different direction. Sigh. Just want $$ so I can invest more in Compass.


Lots of meetings and job searching, but refused to let Compass stall. Consistently carved out a few hours at night to chip away at the next update: monthly (+ weekly) sidebar items. Will be much more usable afterwards.


Launched reorder feature. Reaction was ... meh.

Decided to start looking for FT work after talking to a lot of bootstrappers at a conference.


Started the someday list reorder feature (tricky!)

Got personal life back together, thank god. Coworking and friends help a lot.


Big backend feature that is important but no one will notice (handling Google's 410 errors). Released a few minor updates to the app: shortcuts & migration.

Launching hasn't been the sustained energy booster that I hoped it would be. Feeling unmotivated & lonely. Planning to try coworking space next month


Started rolling out the MVP to the waitlist. Conflicted about promoting something I'm not super proud of, especially to friends & family. BUT, relieved to stop worrying about whether it's 'ready' to launch and instead focus on how to make it profitable




Interested in more details? Here are some links that might fill in the gaps:

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