Startup Diary

Updated: Oct 1

Ongoing summaries about Switchback



Launching was humbling. Big takeaway: Product's gotta be easier to use, more aesthetic. Started working on improvements. This next version is gonna be sweet.


Finished the working prototype, which has these features: focus mode, priority tagging, analytics. Notified 130 waitlist subscribers. Now we test, get feedback, rinse, and repeat.


Code, code, code, code, code

Cut out all the non-essentials: Twitter, newsletters, fluids. Singularly focused on launching early


Pitched the app all over the internet and started coding the first version. Currently 70 people on the waitlist - exciting! 🤘

Goal is to focus on launching the first version next month.


Refined idea into a reimagined calendar app. Launched the landing page and finished the prototype. Feedback has been positive! This is by far the furthest I've gotten on anything and is the most viable. Now focused on growing audience and getting initial product out there.

Hired a part-time dev to help out.


Yes, virtual co-working is a thing. And. My product ideas could be better applied in a different context, namely: building a better system to structure our time. I don't see a comprehensive way to do this; how we organize our time is scattered among calendars, to-do lists, notebooks, and kept in our heads. Despite how frustrating it is to keep pivoting, I think it's the right move.

Creating wireframes in prep for a demo/pitch event next week. Hoping to get some feedback that I can use to eventually (finally!) transition into developing the thing.

Feedback from event and other meetings has been positive! Started with conceptual images and have been converting them into an interactive prototype. Holding off on coding has been a good call so far.


Serious doubts about virtual co-working viability after testing an existing app with a few friends the past week. {Sigh}

On second (forty-ith?) thought, there's definitely something there with virtual co-working, just not in the way I initially understood it. {Pfew}

Interviewed EFF's Director on the podcast, which was a dream come true 🥳


Got feedback for idea of visualizing presence and making casual convos easier for Microsoft Teams. It's possible and could be useful, but there's some serious holes in the business & adoption model that I haven't found a solution for.

Excited about idea of virtual co-working. Imagined possibilities and started thinking about the core value-prop and features.


Left my full-time gig and moved to Bozeman, MT. Feels good to be all-in. Now I just got to figure out how to make money ...

Put our Instagram and Facebook profiles to sleep. Those platforms suck.



Scrapped back country map after deeming Gaia GPS good enough.

Got feedback from people about their experiences working from home and using social media. Looking for potential opportunities.


Testing viability for a back country map app.


Created a podcast logo. Too busy with my boring full-time job.


Finalized & shared a client project involving contact syncing.


Focusing on the niche of geospatial web apps. Three reasons why: 1) geo data and apps are badass, 2) I already have experience building full-stack, scalable apps, 3) geo applications are on the rise thanks to an increase in data and computing power.


Scrapped the audio-reminder hardware idea; couldn't see the potential for a market.


Switchback LLC is official! It just 30 minutes took and $50. Tickles me how typically-bureaucratic orgs have a knack for making things very smooth when it involves accepting money.

Testing out viability of audio-reminder hardware to make high-risk activities like rappelling less dangerous.

Made some silly videos sharing my ideas. Trying to put myself out there, not take things too serious at this point.