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An Innovation Framework | Jobs Theory

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

GUEST: Yours truly. This is a conceptually-sweet episode, where I summarize an idea instead of interview a guest THEME: Job To Be Done, A framework by Clayton Christensen about progress that explains why consumers make the choices they do BIG IDEA: Take the guesswork out of innovation by discovering and addressing a "Job"

  • Job: progress that a person is trying to make in a particular circumstance

  • Think about the job at the level of abstraction where products/services in other classes can accomplish the job

  • Don't create products -- create experiences that help people make progress in their lives

  • Look for: workarounds, frustration, non-consumption

  • Integrate around the job and don't get mislead by the loudness of spreadsheet data

FAVORITE QUOTE: "The pull of the new has to be much greater than the sum of the inertia of the old and the anxieties about the new"

BONUS EXAMPLE: Online College Job: Get people degrees quickly with good support along the way Competition: Other online programs, Nothing (dropouts who are too busy so just never go back) How they competed: quicker, more personal follow-ups (phone calls); Built real campuses to reduce online students' anxiety that it's some scam Experiences offered to help students progress: There were no more leisurely responses to financial aid questions -- now phone call in under 10 min Obstacles removed: Decisions about financial aid and how many credits would transfer were resolved within days. Ads reoriented to target later-life learners -- advancing careers, selling pride of achieving goal, committing to loved ones


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